Celtic Eagle Mandalynth

Beautiful Hard Plastic Plate for Lap Tracing

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The Celtic Eagle Mandalynth

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The Celtic Eagle is a TIGHT Mandalynth that has three different feels to the single-unbroken Celtic knot. The blue outer ring of the knot has a soft, wave-like feel. The white middle ring of the knot has a tight, geometric feel, and the red central section of the knot has a free-form feel. The Celtic Eagle Art Therapy Plate suits individuals with a more intense mindset. This design is part of the Celtic Art Military Collection and contains a color reference to the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines in the lower gold loops located below the Eagle’s tail.


  • Celtic Eagle Mandalynth – 7.75″ in diameter
  • Wood Stylus
  • Instructional Insert
  • Packaged in clear plastic bag


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