Erin Rado – Ravensdaughter – is an artist and writer who has been a fan of Medieval and Renaissance history from an early age.

Erin began her Celtic Collection in 2009. Her idea was to combine classic Celtic Art with a modern aesthetic to create a unique fusion. Erin also adhered to the goal of creating circuitous designs crafted from one single, unbroken line.

The result was engaging “pathway” art that had a memorizing feel when traced with a stylus.

Mindfulness Artist Ravensdaughter drawing stress management art

Erin began showing her Celtic Art Collection at renaissance festivals and art fairs in her home location of Southern California. There she observed the effectiveness of her work on behavioral conditions such as stress, anxiety, attention deficit and autism.

It was a “stumble upon” realization, but as Erin is fond of saying – the true remark of discovery is, “Hmmm. I wonder why that keeps happening?”


As Erin expanded her show circuit to major renaissance festivals across the country (Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin) she met many behavioral wellness professionals who helped her understand the science of mindfulness and how her Celtic Art was helping people achieve this mental state.

The remarkable note was the ability of Erin’s art to induce mindfulness in moments – even in a busy festival environment. People experienced mental shifts in seconds, and the longer they traced the more they sustained mindful awareness.

Stress Management Art at Bevahioral Wellness Conference

Erin began showing her work at professional conferences in 2013. She originally called the product Celtic Art Therapy, but later changed the name to Mandalynths – a combination of the words mandala and labyrinth.

Since 2013 she has continued to show Mandalynths at festivals, where she reaches out to individuals with behavioral wellness needs, and at conferences, where she trains counselors, therapists, psychotherapists and psychologists in the use of Mandalynths as emotional regulation tools.

Mindfulness Artist Ravensdaughter with stress management art

While Erin enjoys working with adults and children, one of her goal is to help veterans. Mandalynths are tools that anyone can deploy. While counseling is the long-term solution for trauma, tracing a Mandalynth can help someone quickly decompress a trigger reaction – and do so discretely.

With the right tools, people can accomplish their goals.

Erin still shows her Celtic Art collection at renaissance festivals and art fairs.

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